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    Organizers of the Foremost Asia, Middle East and Africa (AMEA) Bitumen, Base Oil, Lubes and Wax Conferences.

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Petrosil has been organizing global industry Conferences and Exhibitions in the Middle East since 2012 with years of valuable experience. Petrosil now organizes the foremost AMEA Bitumen, Base Oil, Lubes and Wax Conferences and Exhibitions. A series of Asia, Middle East and Africa (AMEA) Industry Conferences are held in different locations across the region that attempt to connect the dots of these evolving markets! The AMEA Conferences and Exhibitions have been organized in the UAE and India since the brand’s inception in 2017.

Speakers, sponsors, delegates can meet all the industry leaders and prominent stake holders of these industries in one place and have access to insightful presentations, premium networking opportunities and a single platform to exchange ideas and information.

For more information, visit www.amea-conventions.com and www.amea-conferences.com

AMEA Conventions and Exhibitions

The AMEA Convention and Exhibition is a spin-off brand of Petrosil’s highly successful and foremost AMEA Bitumen and Base Oil Conference and focuses entirely on meetings, exhibitions and networking for the participants. Having completed multiple AMEA Conferences in the UAE and India since 2017, Petrosil will organize an annual AMEA Convention and Exhibition every year to encourage and facilitate next level networking opportunities with more Exhibition Table space, more meeting rooms and leading networking tools and software. This is next level networking and deal making opportunities for the region’s top bitumen, base oil, lubes and wax players! Join the largest industry players in the AMEA region’s trading hub and unleash explosive business growth and performance!

Our Conferences and Exhibitions